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Frequently Asked Questions


We at The Atari Times receive a ton of questions that have been answered a ton of times! Think of this FAQ as your way of getting your answer back instantaneously! If you're looking for more entertaining Q&A, please visit Fruitman's letter section.

Please DO NOT ask where to get "something" for your Atari. Be it repairs, manuals, games, controllers or anything else. The best answer I have for you is to check the Links Page. You will not get a response from me should you ask where to find something. Use your favorite search engine for that stuff!

I have a question about an Atari system. What should I do?
Check the FAQs over at Atari Age.

Where do I get the Quake 3 Adventure map?
The information page is here and you can download the map directly from here.

I have a craving for a game. How can I play it?
You can probably curb that craving by playing it through an emulator. Go to the Emulation section on the Links page.

Where can I get ROMs and/or emulators?
Check the Links Page. You'll have to figure out how to use the emulators yourself.

Where can I buy, sell, or find Atari items?
Check the Links Page for lots of Atari retailers. TAT also has a few items for sale.

I have some old Atari stuff I'd like to get rid of. What do I do?
I'd suggest selling it on Game Gavel, eBay, or post it to the TAT Message Board, the Atari Age Forum, or the Digital Press Forum.

How much is my Atari stuff worth?
Probably not as much as you think. The more popular it was in it's heyday, the less valuable it will be now. For a working 2600, probably $10-15 depending on condition. Working controllers $5, and working games $1-3 (unless they're extremely rare, which is rare in and of itself.)

Where can I get my Atari 2600/ 5200/ 7800/ Lynx/ Jaguar/ JagCD/ computer/ Arcade or other Atari system fixed?
I have no idea! I've never had to get one of my Atari's fixed! Guess I'm just lucky. Try doing a web search, or check the Links Page for lots of Atari retailers that probably do Atari repair on the side.

What's a good price for an Atari video game or computer system?
Do a little research by checking the Links Page for Atari retailers. Check eBay too.

How many (insert game title or system here)'s did Atari sell?
I'm not exactly sure. Check that system's FAQ (above.)

Was (game X) ever made for (system Y)?
Again, your best bet to finding the answers to these specific questions would be to check that game system's FAQ.

What year did (system X) or (game Y) come out?
www.icwhen.com is a great resource for finding out the answers to these type of questions.

Atari (aka Infogrames) won't help me with a problem regarding one of their games. Can you help?
The Atari Times is mainly concerned with the OLDER CLASSIC Atari video games, like the 2600, Jaguar, Lynx, etc. You might try posing the question on The Atari Times Message Board or the Atari Age forum.

I have a question, but I can't be bothered to check the Links Page. What should I do?
Check the Links Page!

Questions about The Atari Times

What is The Atari Times?
The Atari Times
is the Atari-only newsletter started back in May of 1996. It began as a 7-page paper-based newsletter which I designed on my Atari 1040STe. It's purpose was to give Atarians something to read as there were no other magazines covering Atari. We cover the entire range of Atari products including the 2600, Lynx, 8-bit and 16-bit Atari Computers, and of course, the Jaguar.

Why did you start The Atari Times?
I was getting tired of flipping through the newsstand magazines and not finding enough Atari info. I was also sick of what they did write about concerning Atari. So, The Atari Times was created to fill a huge gap the others didn't want to fill anymore. Believe it or not, there's literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people wanting Atari info.

Then there's the real reason I started it. Boredom! I had just bought PageStream 2.2 (the world's most excellent DTP!) and I wanted to use it on something. So I stared fiddling around with it and >POOF!< The Atari Times was born! I later got to thinking how it was great experience and would probably look good on a resume someday!

What Atari systems does The Atari Times cover?
Any machine that has the Atari logo emblazoned on it. Systems such as the 2600/5200/7800, 8-bit XL/XE computers, the ST/TT/Falcon, and of course, the Lynx and Jaguar. I never really liked how some other Atari publications would only cover, say, the Falcon. I feel something like that is really limiting and would not interest the largest number of users. In addition, many of us own more than just one type of Atari system. The Atari Times allows them get all the info they want with just one publication.

Do you have news of JTS, Hasbro, Infogrames, or Nuon in The Atari Times?
JTS is history, so there won't be anything about them. There might be some info regarding Infogrames, but I wouldn't expect it. TAT is mainly about REAL Atari games. Not games that simply have the Atari logo slapped on them as an afterthought. As for Nuon... It's not an Atari system, so, I'm afraid not.

Can I get back issues of The Atari Times?
Probably. I have a Cafepress page, but I haven't been active with that for awhile. You can try it by going to www.cafepress.com/ataritimes

Does The Atari Times sell games?
No. Might put some stuff on Ebay from time to time though.

How do I submit an article to The Atari Times?
You will need to click the "Join TAT" link. After you login, you will be able to submit articles. All submissions are greatly appreciated!

I don't like the way The Atari Times is laid out or the color scheme.
Hmm... Sorry to hear that! I'm constantly changing it, so check back in a few days!

What video game systems does TAT consider "dead"?

In the grave: Jaguar, Lynx, Genesis, NES, SMS, TG-16, Neo*Geo, Game Gear, 3DO, 32X, Saturn, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo Pocket, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Xbox, PS1, PS2, Gameboy (all variants), PSP.

Barely alive: Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, PS Vita.

In their prime: Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS.

Not ready for prime time yet: PS4 & Xbox One.

Interest in classic systems remain strong with new homebrews and hacks being released for the 2600, 5200, 7800, ColecoVision, Intellivision, and Vectrex

Why is TAT so passionate about Atari?
I remember reading a letter from the August 1987 issue of Antic Magazine written by Ralph Sandell of Columbus, Ohio. This letter really defined my feelings about Atari and reads:

"I'm severely disabled, having had surgery on my back, hands and legs at age 55. About 5 years ago I started saving for an Atari system, and in July, 1985, I bought a 130XE, a 1050 drive, a Teknika monitor and Atari 1020 and 1027 printers.

"Last December my 130XE died. I sent a letter to Atari and told them what had happened and that money was hard for me to come by. In March I received a brand new 130XE. The invoice had all zeros and said, 'Sorry it took so long. (Signed) Sam T.' It was a miracle."

Atari was a special kind of company. Remember hearing about the Lynx kiosks Atari donated to the troops of Desert Storm? Or how they took the Jaguar to children in hospitals to play with? Atari always did things like these that set them above the rest.

As for what happened to Atari... I did not like JTS in the least. The Hasbro thing turned out to be a bust. And Infogrames taking over didn't do much to further the brand either. when someone figures out that the name Atari means "easy to play, difficult to master" style games then they might be succesful again. You can't just slap the Atari name on just any game and have it be a hit.

If your question was not answered by this FAQ, please post it to The Atari Times Forum.

Or send us an email!