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Video Game Trader Magazine & Price Guide #6 NOW AVAILABLE! by 2008-06-07 23:20:12

Video Game Trader Magazine Issue #6 is NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

What's inside this isssue?

* Part 2 of our Brandon Cobb interview
* The Great Virtual Flop!
* Sega's Virtual Un-Reality
* HOWTO: Rom Graphic Hacking
* Leisure Suit Larry - A Very Cool 40-Year Old Virgin
* How to Collect Video Games on a Budget
* Homebrew Reviews: Gingerbread Man, 72-Game Vectrex Multicart & Vectrexians
* What Wii Play: C64 Reviews from VC-Reviews.com
* NES Archives w/ Agents J & K: Double Dragon
* TMNT The Arcade Machine vs. TMNT The Arcade Game (NES)
* Classic Reviews: GI Joe The Atlantis Factor (NES) & Aerobiz (SNES)
* The Many Faces of Oil's Well
* Game Battle: Perfect Dark vs Goldeneye 007

Plus much more..... over 50 pages of classic gaming goodness!!

In addition, our price guide now includes: Atari Computer, Atari 5200 & Atari Jaguar.

Want to read it? Go here ---> http://www.videogametrader.com/vgtrader/index.htm

Downloadable PDFs are also uploaded to the subscripiton section (for subscribers only)


Video Game Trader Staff

PS. Once you are done reading, please head over to j2games.com and participate in our Video Game Trader Discussion forum for a chance to engage the writers and reviewers.




re: Video Game Trader Magazine & Price Guide #6 NOW AVAILABLE!






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