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Atari 2600 Clone by 2008-04-06 08:18:05

Hello !

Do you have any information about an Atari 2600 Clone with 2001 built-in games ?

On the package is a sticker “dido” with a crown ! It is made in Taiwan and looks like a Darth-Vader-console !

Thank you !

Greetings from Germany, Michael
re: Atari 2600 Clone by 2008-04-09 01:36:51

Houston, TX

Bug Smasher
123 Posts
I've never heard of one with anything over 500 games, let alone 2000 (!).

I'd say you might want to try posting on the Atari Age website for something such as this but you'd have to sign up for an account. Nothing wrong with that, of course, unless you're already on too many forums like most of us are anyway

Meanwhile, you can check out what other 2600 systems exist here: http://www.atariage.com/2600/archives/consoles.html




re: Atari 2600 Clone






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