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Woohoo!! "Broken" 5200 works! by 2010-10-31 13:20:42

New Jersey

Laser Blaster
54 Posts
I bought a lot on ebay with two "broken" 5200's a Pac Man cart and 5 controllers. I figured out that one of the power supplies was wrong for the 5200 so that's probably why the one unit didn't work at all, not even the power led would light up. After plugging and unplugging a 5200 power supply into a few times to remove any corrosion that might have built up on the power pin, it seems to work now. The other one still doesn't work (boots to a green screen) but does power up at least. Most of the controllers are shot (common issue) but one works well enough to play a few games while I wait on getting some of the others rebuilt by Best. The whole lot cost me $43 shipped.

I also got the 2600 adapter in a separate purchase but it doesn't work with my four port. It does work with my new two port, though.
re: Woohoo!! "Broken" 5200 works! by 2010-11-06 19:33:21

Winter Haven, FL

Bug Smasher
116 Posts
re: Woohoo!! "Broken" 5200 works! by 2010-11-15 08:56:49

Buckingham, VA

34 Posts
U can't beat an old Atari!
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re: Woohoo!! "Broken" 5200 works!






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