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Atari 2600 Cart Adult game Gigolo (australian PAL) by Fire4622010-09-21 05:36:17


Hi all. I have a PAL cartridge of Mystiques Adult game Gigolo (Loose). I have been searching the net for info on it but can only find info on the Batchelor Party / Gigolo Double Cart in NTSC format. Anyone Know anything about these? (rarity, value etc) Any help would be appreciated.
re: Atari 2600 Cart Adult game Gigolo (australian PAL) by Darryl B.2010-09-21 10:37:01

Darryl B.
Houston, TX

Bug Smasher
125 Posts
I don't really know about it's rarity, but I'd say it must be pretty high.
re: Atari 2600 Cart Adult game Gigolo (australian PAL) by Old Atarian2010-09-22 11:36:26

Old Atarian
New Jersey

Laser Blaster
54 Posts
Rare? Yes. Worth a lot? It depends. Value is determined by demand more than rarity. If you have a hundred people who want your item and are willing to pay any price for it, then yes it's worth a lot. If you only have a few with limited budgets, then it isn't. On the down side, the availability of emulators and ROM dumps of most of the games from back then has lessened demand for the actual carts a lot so a lot of potential buyers will just find a place to download the game instead of shelling out a fortune to buy it. On the up side, the only people who will be bidding on such things these days are the serious ones who MUST have an original cartridge and won't settle for a ROM dump run on an emulator.




re: Atari 2600 Cart Adult game Gigolo (australian PAL)






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