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Atari, Sears or Coleco Gemini? by 2010-04-07 19:27:19

New Jersey

Laser Blaster
54 Posts
Which VCS or compatible console do you have or maybe some other not listed here. (VCS modules for other systems don't count) .

I always liked the walnut grain front panel on the Sears version better than the wood front on the Atari but not the chrome around the switches. The Coleco Gemini was better looking than the 2600 Jr., too.
re: Atari, Sears or Coleco Gemini? by 2010-04-16 19:58:54

Buckingham, VA

34 Posts
I have the wood grain 4 switch VCS with a hole bore in the top to allow the replacement TV wire to come through......I was to lazy to locate the real replacement wire which exits out the back of the machine but not lazy enough to spend 1 hour with a drill and pliers to bore the hole lol. I don't care.....it works fine now.
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re: Atari, Sears or Coleco Gemini?






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