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Atari Jaguar CD power supply by 2009-08-18 21:25:51

I have an atari Jaguar and a Jaguar CD hooked up. The jaguar CD is missing the power cable. I have a sega master system power supply. I plug it in and the screen shows an arrow pointing to the power slot on the jaguar CD. Does this mean my jaguar CD is broken or sega master system power supply is not compatiable?
re: Atari Jaguar CD power supply by 2009-08-19 19:04:12

Houston, TX

Bug Smasher
123 Posts
Hi bb. I'll say right off I don't know much about the Jaguar, and hopefully Greg will be along soon to answer your question (he knows way much more about it than I do), but unless you looked up the tech specs and found them to be the same, I would stay away from switching power supplies from other systems, it could damage them.

re: Atari Jaguar CD power supply by 2009-08-20 23:50:24

Winter Haven, FL

Bug Smasher
116 Posts
Yeah, I don't think the Sega MS power supply will work. Shoot, I had trouble getting a Genesis power supply to work and the specs are identical. Anyway, I wouldn't use anything but the real Jaguar power supply. Supposedly, the CD and main system power supplies are identical, but I've had trouble swapping them. I think it's 9Volt Output but I'm not sure (my power supplies are buried.)




re: Atari Jaguar CD power supply






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