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What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2009-05-20 15:49:38


5 Posts
I've owned an Atari Jaguar for a couple years now with 30 games, and I've certainly played some personal favorites on this beast to say the least.

1. Rayman - Great platformer, it's aged quite well, and the Jaguar version certainly flexed a bit of muscle on a visual standpoint.

2. Super Burnout - I'm a sucker for racing games, and Super Burnout had a lot of tight turns and precision requirements from the player. Nice stuff!

3. Tempest 2000 - Very addictive, I can't say there's a bad time for Tempest!

4. Protector - It's like Defender, but with some modest improvements. The graphics were fun, and I like the shop idea too, it makes me want to get better at this game!

5. Attack of the Mutant Penguins - I shock people with this one, but I sincerely enjoyed the interesting puzzle aspects employed with this title. Very original!

6. Alien vs Predator - Very tough, and the atmosphere is quite scary too. There's nothing more chilling than being a marine who's cornered by tons of aliens with just a shotgun. Also, fighting the Queen was very epic, and I loved the Alien and Predator campaigns all the same.

7. Power Drift Rally - Very simple in execution, this game may be easy to pick up from the getgo, but the challenges in later races encourage the player to become a master with tighter turning along with the addition of road obstructions to make sure you figure the best way through a course.

8. Iron Soldier - A nice mech title that lets you smash buildings and just about anything else in the vicinity!

9. Ruiner Pinball - I liked this game actually, the actual Pinball tables were eccentric enough in design to keep me playing and looking for ways to get a new high score.

10. Raiden - A nice port of the classic arcade title, you just can't go wrong with a day out with Raiden!

Honorable Mentions:

Towers II - I liked the puzzles in this game, very tough but unique in how they required you to keep a keen sense of what's in front of you, and above and below. Plus, you get the ability to revive the dead!

Zool 2 - Very fun stuff, I can't say no to this platformer, especially when given the rather fast pace of the gameplay.

Val D'isere Snowboarding - Very tough, but I like how fast the game moves.

So what are your favorites?
re: What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2009-05-21 22:22:58

Winter Haven, FL

Bug Smasher
116 Posts
Nice list. (Although it's Power Drive Rally not Power Drift. )

Been too long since I played my Jag, I must admit. I usually gravitate towards BattleSphere, Tempest 2000, Iron Soldier, Battlemorph, or Skyhammer.
re: What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2009-05-21 22:43:41


5 Posts
Heh heh, I noticed that, I imagine it has a lot to do with playing many racing games with the word "Drift" in them. I do appreciate the compliment for the list, I can definitely say I've given some investment in the Atari Jaguar when I bought one over a year ago.

I have 30 games at the moment, but given the value of some of them, I couldn't afford Battlesphere (which did look really cool), and I wasn't going to play Soccer Kid on the Jaguar if I could get it much cheaper on the 3DO (though the Jaguar version looked great when I saw videos for it).

I'm the sort of guy that likes to invest in retro systems, right now I'm working on building up my Sega Saturn collection, around the time I was building up my Jag collection I was also buying games for the Sega CD and 32X, along with the Panasonic 3DO. Other systems like the Genesis and Super Nintendo always find a way to worm some cash from my wallet.

I can definitely say I've had some good memories with the Jaguar, and I'd like to return to it at some point and buy some more games I was always curious to try (Missile Command 3D, Breakout 2000, and Battlesphere if I can find it cheap enough).

Also, I have Skyhammer as well, that was a pretty cool title, but it's also very tough which means I still have yet to beat it. Hyper Force was a neat blast of old-school 2D goodness, Battlemorph was interesting, and I thought Fight For Life was an interesting 3D fighter (very tough to master though).

Finally, I really want to enjoy Zero 5, but it's so hard that I couldn't even beat the first level! The hype on that difficulty is right! XD
re: What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2009-05-21 23:03:56


5 Posts
Also, on another note, I'd actually like to thank you and everyone else who's contributed to this website for helping me build my Jaguar collection back when I first began.

That's right, I've read the reviews on this site to help me determine which games would be best for me to get. I never would've found a gem like Towers II (I threw down some serious cash for it by the way), I would've never discovered who Songbird Productions were (they did a great job adding to the Jag's library), and I discovered the talents of developer Rebellion (I've been telling people who are anticipating the latest AvP release about that company's history with the Jag).

re: What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2009-05-21 23:12:10

Winter Haven, FL

Bug Smasher
116 Posts
You and I have similar tastes (or at least skills!) I couldn't get very far in Zero 5 either. And Towers II is pretty good if you like Dungeon Master type games (which I do. A lot.)

Battlesphere... Luckily for me I got in on it the first time around when it was only $70 or whatever. Seems ridiculous to me that it's gone up so much. I wonder how that happened?

Glad the site was useful to you. Looking around tonight, I'm considering redesigning the layout and some other things. Eh, it's what I do when I'm bored with it.
re: What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2009-05-22 02:11:23


5 Posts
Sounds cool, new layouts are always fun to play with, I like to visit this site now and again so feel free!

I actually paid $200 for Towers II, it might sound insane, but the ebay auction that had it for sale was the only place in all of the internet I could find it and I thought it looked like a great game to pick up. Luckily I guessed right as I had a dungeon crawling experience that was definitely like the great games of old, that's for sure! I still remember how funny, but awesome it was, when I discovered I could revive dead remains to get messages from them (or even levitate above floors when I notice that empty spot in the ceiling somewhere).

Yeah, Battlesphere is really super expensive which sucks, because I really want to play it. I also want to get a Jaguar CD so I can check out Battlemorph and Iron Soldier II. I even have a demo disc from Songbird Productions for buying a few games from them (Protector, Hyper Force, Skyhammer) with a demo of Native on it that I would like to try. I hear it's tough to come across a Jaguar CD in fine working condition, so I've been careful in this regard. I even notice how the Virtual Light Machine gets some notice on this site, I've always been excited with the idea of playing around with something like that (old technology always appeals to me).

Zero 5 was a game I sniped from ebay with hopes of "conquering" it, being I had some confidence in my gaming abilities. Turns out Zero 5 has a way of seperating the men from the boys! XD

And I figured I might as well list all of my Jaguar games in case you feel like commenting on any of them (maybe a personal experience for example):

Alien vs Predator
Iron Soldier
Protector: Special Edition
Hyper Force
Checkered Flag (I forgive Rebellion for this game)
Club Drive
Zool 2
Val D'Isere Snowboarding
Super Burnout
Attack of the Mutant Penguins
Tempest 2000
Towers II
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Atari Karts
Brutal Sports Football
Ruiner Pinball
Power Drive Rally
Trevor McFur
Zero 5
Fight For Life
Ultra Vortek
Kasumi Ninja
Double Dragon V
Sensible Soccer
Wolfenstein 3D

If you have any recommendations for me that aren't on this post, feel free to send one my way too!

re: What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2010-02-06 17:17:26

Buckingham, VA

34 Posts
I would say my favorites are Zool2, T2K, Wolf3d, AvP, Trevor McFur, NBA Jam TE and BSF. The Jag is my all time favorite system.
When u hit the walls of sanity.....u have no-where to go.
re: What Are Your Favorite Jaguar Games? by 2010-03-19 02:49:05

New Jersey

Laser Blaster
54 Posts
Brutal Sports Football. I used to run around popping the heads off the other teams players until they had to forfeit.




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