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Jr. Pac-Man - The Atari Times

Jr. Pac-Man

One great arcade conversion!
by Dan Loosen

January 9, 2007
Wow-zer! This port of the arcade game is hands-down my favorite Pac-Man on the 2600, beating out Pac-Man by quite a bit... and that's a story for another day, why I actually like Pac-Man more than Ms. Pac-Man, but I digress...

The graphics in Jr. Pac-Man are great, and all of the insane gameplay from the arcade version is here... with the option to rid yourself of some of the pesky ghosts. This gives you the chance to lessen the challenge to see further in the game if you want to, and gives Jr. the largest variety of different skills out of the entire Pac-Man series.

The only difference from the arcade game is that the mazes have basically been tilted on their side. The 2600 version of Jr. has mazes that scroll up and down, while the arcade version scrolls left to right. The difference is noticeable but does not seem to affect gameplay at all. In fact, the mazes are accurate representations of their arcade counterparts.

Even the smallest details have made it into this game, from the different noises when picking up the pellets that the toys have run over to the explosion that occurs and wipes out a power pill if you are too late in grabbing a toy. This game is pretty easy to find, and you should be able to snag yourself a copy for under $10.00. Make sure that you do -- you won't regret it!

Jr. Pac-Man

(c) Atari

Miles above the original!
Go eat your tricycle!
It's got some awesome scrolling mazes!
Looks kinda familiar...
Jr. Pac-Man
System: 2600
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 95%
Sound & Music Score: 95%
Gameplay Score: 95%
Control Score: 90%

Final Score: 95%

Reader Comments for Jr. Pac-Man

Jr. Pac Has Learned Well From Famous Parents! by Guitarman on 2008-04-10 23:01:11
If you're a Pac-Man fanatic (like myself) there's a good chance you'll love Jr. Pac-Man for the 2600. It contains all the elements a good Pac-Man game is known for: crazy mazes, relentless ghosts, plenty of moving bonus treats and the oversized mazes make for more of a challenge! Another neat touch is the larger pellets which slow Jr. down considerably. There also isn't much "flickering" so headaches might not come as easy. Great game, I agree with the 95% rating.
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