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Pressure Cooker - The Atari Times

Pressure Cooker

The life of a fry cook is never done
by Jess LaFleur

January 22, 2001
Pressure Cooker? Yep, That is the name of the game and cooking burgers is what you do.

I bought this game after talking loudly about my (at the time small) Atari collection. Some boy on the bus said, "I have some Atari games!" and he sold them to me for 50 cents a piece (sucker). Anyway after playing Donkey Kong to death I saw little a old game called Pressure Cooker but I didn't touch for about a week. I put the cart in and started to play. There was a little chef and an oven above him and a cool song to listen to.

The graphics are actually quite good. I think that the programmer, Gary Kitchen, spent a lot of time when writing this game and I'm sure that Atarians enjoy and admire that. There seems to be quite a bit of detail on the toppings (except for cheese, that's just a yellow block.)

The sound in the game is pretty much blips and beeps except for a nice sounding splat when burgers fall. As mentioned earlier, there is some cool music that starts the game. Its quite lengthy and you MUST listen to it no matter how much you want to play.

In playing you move the little chef around and look at the bottom for the order list for hamburgers. The toppings are shoved from the right wall and the little chef accepts them or rejects them by pressing the fire button. He then moves the topping to the moving burgers. After finishing an order you get the top bun and move with the burger down. There the pressure cooker awaits and you drop it in the correct color cooker as seen in the order sheet (either that or its a serving thing like they have a most major Burger joints).

Do this enough times and you get advance to the next level. Drop a burger in the wrong spot or let it drop on the floor, and you lose points that let you keep playing the game.

You will get annoyed when you miss a burger or don't return the topping you didn't want because you must then waste the burger. And you lose points which you need to keep you in the game longer... 

It's quite an enjoyable game if you like cooking or like little Italian men with a moustache! I find this game has a bunch of replay value and I wouldn't trade it for anything... Except the SwordQuest Blade, or a Jaguar, or a secret prototype Atari game or... well, you get the idea.

Pressure Cooker

(c) Activision

We needed more of this on the 2600! Titles that is.
Who would put up with this stress for only $5.25 an hour?
All wrapped and ready to clog another artery!
Pressure Cooker
System: 2600
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 95%
Sound & Music Score: 65%
Gameplay Score: 80%
Control Score: %

Final Score: 80%

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