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Profile Atarian: Brett J. Daly - The Atari Times

Profile Atarian: Brett J. Daly

Atari Loyalist
by Brett J. Daly

April 8, 1997
My first extended video game experience was on a friends Atari 7800, and that was when I really got into video games. I can remember enjoying Centipede quite profusely on the 7800, but my favorite game on the grand old system was Pole Position II. I played that quite a bit, even though at the time I was pretty bad at it (I always like racers, I can't wait for World Tour Racing).

My allegiance to Atari really began with the Lynx, as it was the first Atari system I actually owned. I at the time was looking for a portable system, and was looking at a Game Gear, but then I picked up a Buyers Guide issue of a magazine and saw what the Lynx had to offer and went forth. I always enjoyed the games the Lynx had to offer as they were unique to what you could find elsewhere. My collection grew to over 30 games and as you can imagine when I started hearing rumors of a new Atari 64-bit system I was quite excited!

When the official news about the Jaguar came forth I saved up and pre-booked the system in September '93. I finally received the system in December of '93 with much anticipation (Atari was slow at meeting demand at the launch) and was not disappointed! I enjoyed the great level of depth of Cybermorph and the fact that it had no boundaries and the grand majority of Jaguar games I enjoyed to a similar if not greater extent!

Well, that brings me to the current time as now I have a collection of about 30 Jaguar cart and CD games. It is real tough for me to point out favorite Jaguar games as I have enjoyed the overwhelming majority that I have played, but my favorite game would probably have to be Battlemorph, with games like Tempest 2000, Alien vs. Predator, Iron Soldier (can't wait for IS2), Towers II among others running right up there.

My reason for being such an Atari loyalist as I mentioned about the Lynx games is the uniqueness all the games tend to have, Jaguar games tend to have more depth than most games on other systems and tend to be exclusive for the most part. I am looking forward to the new games and support Telegames has offered for the Jaguar and Lynx and hopefully we'll see many more games to come as I look forward to that in the future!

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