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The Three Gringos - The Atari Times

The Three Gringos

Marauding into your hearts
by Gregory D. George

April 7, 1997
The Three Gringos are the comic my pal Les Jones and I drew all through High School. Well, we mostly drew them in Biology class because it was so boring. Anyway, I should probably introduce you to the characters.

Les - Named after... Les! Of course, since the real Les drew the most of the strips, he usually gave this character the best comical lines. Unfortunately for the trio, Les has a tendency to get us into to trouble. Like the time we tried to steal that huge diamond... Les' hat is bent upward in the back, because he fell asleep on it!

George - Eh, everybody calls me George, even though my first name is Greg! Anyway, my character is always playing video games and tries to keep the gang out of trouble. He's probably the most sensible of the group. He has a black stripe on his hat.

Ed - He's always been the unofficial leader of the group. He usually doesn't have a clue, but most leaders don't anyway. He's pretty stupid, and is usually the one who gets beat up. (Les & George let him!) His helicopter hat came from Ed's first appearance: On the side of a paper airplane! Les drew this little guy flying along the outside of the plane and was always trying to be the studly-type. We later drew these silly comics called "Ed The Traveling Man" who would travel the world searching for hot dates. I guess he wanted to be James Bond! "Oh Ed!" Named after the guy who sat behind us in Biology, Ed Sheffield. And just so everyone knows, the real Ed is NOTHING like the cartoon character.

Bruno - The Gringos' arch-enemy. For no reason at all, he will just show up and beat up our poor heroes! He's a pretty mean dude, but has one weakness... Just wait until episode 3!!

[Episode 1] [Episode 2] [Episode 3]

From Issue 9 of The Atari Times

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From Issue 10 of The Atari Times

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From Issue 11 of The Atari Times

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