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Arcade to Lynx - The Atari Times

Arcade to Lynx

Comparing the arcade to the Lynx versions
by Gregory D. George

March 12, 2007
Ya know, I always thought the Lynx did a spectacular job of replicating it's arcade conversions. But when you take a look at them side-by-side, you can see just how great the Lynx conversions are! Ok, there is some detail missing in games like Ninja Gaiden but otherwise, the Lynx is amazing!

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx Unfinished Proto

Double Dragon
Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx 'Gauntlet 3'

Hard Drivin'
Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Missile Command
Arcade Lynx

Ms. Pac-Man
Arcade Lynx

Ninja Gaiden
Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Pit Fighter
Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx 'Ponx' Homebrew

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Road Riot
Arcade Lynx

Robotron 2084
Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

S.T.U.N. Runner
Arcade Lynx

Steel Talons
Arcade Lynx

Super Off-Road
Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Tournament Cyberball
Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Arcade Lynx

Reader Comments for Arcade to Lynx

My hidden shame by Atarifever on 2007-03-12 21:52:35
As a loyal Atararian it is my shame that I don't own Atari's awesome little handheld. This spread makes that seem even more painful. You notice the differences; I'm just amazed how great those conversions look on a handheld that is 15 or so years old.
Does...? by Darryl B. on 2007-03-13 00:02:48
Ahhhh, no biggie, I don't have one either ;) However, does the Lynx also have a 'regular' port of Battlezone included in the cartridge? Because I see it's got some extras on the screen: shield, ammo, fuel...
It's basically the same by Gregory D. George on 2007-03-13 00:19:16
Battlezone 2000 (or Plus mode as I call it) is basically the same as the arcade. The only real difference (I can tell) is the ability to select different tanks. But the gameplay itself is identical.

Now, the hidden game is a different matter entirely. It's totally different from any Battlezone game you'd expect.
Lynx owns by Trip Cannon on 2007-03-13 13:59:26
Which is why I own a Lynx... :)
Battlezone time by Brad P. on 2007-03-13 23:27:37
Forgot about the hidden game! It's time to power up the Lynx!
Xybots idea! by Rick L. on 2007-03-28 21:18:24
Great job! I love my Lynx too!

BTW after looking at the Xybots screen shot I got a great idea!
That game would totally work great on the nintendo DS!

Well... by JayP on 2007-03-30 12:40:07
It depends on the game. Paperboy and Rygar make the Lynx look magical. Then games like Hard Drivin' wonder about humanity. Such pain in that game...

My nephew showed off his DS to me and I happened to have my Lynx (owned since new) close. After a round of Zarlor, I told him that handheld was as old as he was... little punk!!
Still have it... by Jedira on 2007-04-22 20:32:45
Still have it... I know it used up batteries but I was using rechargable batteries back there.. hee hee... other way is to use adapt plug. I never forget when one girl thought Lynx wasn't same as Sega until I flashed it to her. She was surprised. So don't bad label Lynx.
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