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Wall Defender - The Atari Times

Wall Defender

Defend it with your life!
by LW Tisler

October 19, 2006
The mission - you are defending the wall from attacking aliens. Don't let them hit as they make the wall weaker. This sounds simplistic and is, but highly addictive as you score points for every alien destroyed. If a segment of the outer wall is destroyed (by the aliens kamikaze into it) if this happens enough times the outer wall flashes and you need to move in a level, post haste. If you don't, you drift off to space and all is lost. Don't fret though you have a chance to regain lost wall space by simply staying alive. If you stay alive long enough with no more incidents, you can regain that which has been lost...precious wall.

Sound - The sound is that of the defender (you) shooting at the invading aliens and the music is when you kill the aliens. Not really much to comment on but some classic Atari 2600 at its best.

Graphics - the attacking aliens look great, even though they can be compared to the aliens of that of Space Invaders. The wall itself looks more like a simplistic maze although you can only move around the outer part and move in when you have failed to protect the wall and the outer most is destroyed.

Control - make sure your 2600 joystick is in good condition, as you need free and fast movement around the wall to combat the invading aliens. Other than this timing for shooting is crucial as aliens appear at different angles, not just centered.

Playability - this is a highly playable game as it offers a different perspective to the "alien attack" which is a popular formula for the 2600. The controls are smooth if your 2600 hardware is good, and reaching that score of 999,999 (the highest the game will go), would bring a sense of worth. (I haven't personally reached that yet), but I know it would.

Overall rating - I rate this game as 95% as it offers a unique perspective to "aliens attacking" and is extremely fun to play.

Wall Defender

(c) Bomb

I thought this was a 3D Breakout game...
Gee, this looks easy, just shoot the baddies.
They've crashed into my wall! Now it's getting smaller!
Wall Defender
System: 2600
Publisher: Bomb
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 87%
Sound & Music Score: 90%
Gameplay Score: 95%
Control Score: 95%

Final Score: 95%

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