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Crash Dive - The Atari Times

Crash Dive

One of the obscure 8-bit games
by Lee & Lori Krueger

February 6, 1997
I absolutely love this game. In my years of collecting, I have not managed to get this game until recently. And wouldn't you know it, I find another the following week. I highly recommend this game from both a collectibility and playability standpoint.

The idea of the game is great. The sub/plane splashing into the water is done very well on the 2600.There is a reason why many games are ER's, that is because the games are usually not that good; not so with Crash Dive. I rate playability and graphics very high for a 2600 game.

For some strange reason another game for the Atari Lynx comes to mind when I play Crash Dive (Turbo Sub, is kinda like a 1st person perspective of Crash Dive).

The game has so far managed to stay in circulation in my box of carts by the TV and not the storage box like some other's I have.

Game Instructions:

Crash Dive: The Objective

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to score as many points as possible by destroying enemy ships, helicopters, planes, giant sharks, sting rays, squids, angler fish and lobsters before running out of fuel or crashing the flying sub. You may also acquire points by picking up the treasures that lie on the bottom of the sea.

Hints From The Designer

So you'd like to search for sunken treasure with me. Well, it's going to take a keen eye, a good ear and quick reflexes to grab these treasures from the creatures of the deep. Before you hop aboard the Sea Hunter, let me give you a few navigational pointers.

Obstacles always travel in groups: one in the sky, one on the sea, two in the water and one on the sea floor. Always approach these groups from the sky.

During sky travel, you can hear the bird, helicopter and plane before you see them. (The refueling ship can be heard in any position.) If it'sthe bird, skip it. If it's the plane, boat or helicopter, disable it before traveling underwater. Then you'll be safe from missiles when you enter the sea.

The seventh group of obstacles is always the mine field. If you survive, there is always an opportunity to refuel before advancing for the next treasure.

Now that you have the knowledge of a fine sea captain, it will only take time and practice to become the finest sea hunter that ever lived. Good luck and happy treasure hunting.

Crash Dive

(c) 20th Century Fox

This is how the title screen would have looked.
The look of this game is similar to Dolphin from Activision. 
Fly. Shoot. Dive. Repeat.
Crash Dive
System: 2600
Publisher: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Shooter
Graphics Score: 80%
Sound & Music Score: 60%
Gameplay Score: 80%
Control Score: %

Final Score: 80%

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