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Warring Worms - The Atari Times

Warring Worms

A homebrew worth owning?
by Dan Loosen

June 1, 2006
Warring Worms has done it. It has officially become my favorite 2600 game. What is it? A simple knock-off of the snake game with some nice twists to make it the most intense multi-player experiences on the 2600. If you are wondering, yes, I think it is better than Combat.

There are two worms, yourself and your opponent -- who can either be another human or the computer and precisely why I ended up liking this game more than Combat. You can pick which maze to play in, and you can pick whether to use your worm rockets or not. Once you have decided on your options, you take your Worm to the arena to duke it out. Games end relatively quickly, and points are tallied to see who is leading.

The graphics are the only thing that isn't flawless about this game, as it would have been nice to have a little bit more to your worm. I can't really complain however, as the graphics suit the game perfectly.

This is the must-have homebrew title to date. If you don't have it, find it and get it. It's worth every penny.

Some people understand the value of a title screen!
It's more fun playing against someone who MOVES the joystick...
Warring Worms
System: 2600
Publisher: Baroque Gaming
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 95%
Sound & Music Score: 100%
Gameplay Score: 100%
Control Score: 100%

Final Score: 100%

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