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The Music Man Speaks! - The Atari Times

The Music Man Speaks!

Music coder like The Atari Times!
by Eric Richardson

February 4, 1997
First I want to thank you for your prompt response in getting me my first copy of The Atari Times. I enjoyed your issue very much :-)

I especially enjoyed the article on Nolan Bushnell,(is this the same Bushnell as the binocular 'Bushnells'?) I also thought your review of Towers was an excellent idea! :-) That is how I originally 'met' Vince Valenti from JV Games. I cite ('met') because I have not yet met him or Jag in person, everything has been through the 'wire'.

I had an Atari 400 way back when, then an '800', a 130XE, STe 4mb, and finally the Falcon 030. I still have all these machines except for the 400 which I gave to a friend 10 years ago for his kid. Doohhh!! as Homer would say.

Anyway, when the STe was my 'mainframe' I read in ST Informer a review of Towers and being an RPG 'freak', immediately called up Vince to order a copy. I had just purchased my Falcon 14mb, 1gighd, fpu, audio upgrade, svga when hearing this Vince offered me the opportunity to do the music on Towers II for the Falcon.

This was my first attempt at writing music for software and my first experience with 4-track mods. But I learned the 'little' code I needed to know and went for it! I am a 'latch-key' composer who knows enough about midi and digital audio to recognize my 'ignorance' of it and who knows much less about computers and programming.

This has been a great time working with JV and I hope I will be on their team for some time to come. But I am also open to any other musical endeavors that may come my way while I am in the process of compiling a CD of some of my material.

Again, thanks for the response and the issue, I look forward to your next issue!!

Eric Richardson
EMU Studios
Whidbey Island, Washington

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