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Lost Luggage - The Atari Times

Lost Luggage

Save the... Luggage?
by Dan Loosen

January 18, 2006
Lost Luggage is a goofy little game for your 2600 that is wacky fun for a little while, but isn't a game that you will feel inclined to play again and again. Your goal is to catch luggage that is falling off an airport luggage turntable. The more you get, the higher your points are, but you have to make sure to catch the terrorist luggage or it blows up when it gets to the bottom of the screen.

The graphics are amusing. This is the only game that I can ever remember seeing a bra in, and that shock still hasn't worn off. The sounds are nothing to write home about, but they get the job done. The control is about as good as it gets for a game of this style.

The problem is that there are better games that are like this for the 2600. Kaboom springs instantly to mind. This game does not give you half the options that Kaboom does, and it wears thin very quickly because of it. Overall, Lost Luggage is a forgettable title, save for the random bras that you might see careening away from the luggage turntable.

Lost Luggage

(c) Apollo

Now I've seen everything.
Ooh... Risque.
Lost Luggage
System: 2600
Publisher: Apollo
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 75%
Sound & Music Score: 50%
Gameplay Score: 50%
Control Score: 90%

Final Score: 65%

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