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Lynx News - The Atari Times

Lynx News

New games on the way?
by Ed Castle

May 5, 1996
Edward 2000

Yes, that's right. I am going to program a Breakout clone for the Lynx. It won't be started for a few months, but here is a brief rundown of what I plan to be in it:

* Bonuses (like Lazers) when certain blocks are destroyed.
* Over 150 levels, slip into three sections, Easy, Medium, and Hard.
* Enemies that fly around the top trying to shoot you (only on medium and hard levels).
* Comlynx option, for two player co-op or Paddlematch {tm} (like in Pong, but with blocks down the middle of the screen)!
* Multiscreen levels.
* Password option.
* AI droid (unlikely to reach the final version, but I hope it will).
* No plot.
* Easy 'pick up and play' playability.
* Hidden levels (10), and a hidden mini game (I'm not telling you what).
* Lots of cheats!!!

LEXIS Preview

Everyone has played Tetris. Everyone. Tetris is the game that made the Gameboy. True, the Lynx has a Tetris game, but it came too late. After Tetris came Columns, a game based on Tetris, but more like Connect Four really. Now, there is Lexis.

Lexis is a strange mix of the three games, with an added twist. You're not trying to match up colours, or make lines, you're trying to write words. Instead of a funny shaped block, or a string of different coloured jewels, you get a letter. You navigate that letter down a Tetris style playing field, and make words.

Your word must be at least three letters long, and be written in any direction. Lexis is a refreshing change from all the Tetris and Columns clones, because it offers something different, while including the brilliant Tetris gameplay. The graphics are simple but very effective, and there is not really anything you can complain about.

(Note: This game is now available from Songbird Productions. songbird.atari.net.)

The Month's Events:

Teflon up the work on their Lynx games, and might well have sparked up the interest of id software.

Atari did bugger all to support the Lynx. I did my usual promoting and moral building.

I will soon be acquiring for my page some screen shots of Shadowsoft's Lynx game called Centipede. You'll know about Lexis from the preview.

Lx Rudis, if you're out there, and you're reading this, contact me! I really need to talk to (well, read and write) you! If anyone can put me in touch with him, I'd appreciate it very much.

Well then, until next issue...

Edward Castle

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