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Rescue Terra I - The Atari Times

Rescue Terra I

This is a tough one to find
by Lee & Lori Krueger

December 2, 1996
This is one of my favorite 2600 games of all time. If you think this is just another average game from ex-Apollo game designers, think again! Like Dan states on the box, this game is designed for lasting fun and challenge. If one does manage to get past the Meteors, Space Pirates, and the Robot Interceptors, those #@!! Fish Force Fields will most certainly deflate the biggest of egos (I mean those guys are HARD to get past).

This game gets an A+ all the way around. It borrows a lot of great gaming concepts from other 2600 games of the era and brings them all together beautifully to create a new gaming experience unlike any other shooter you've ever played on the 2600. The graphics are superb and the controls are nearly perfect.

I challenge anyone to finish this game. I would like to here from you if you have. Too bad VentureVision faded away. It would have been nice to see some more products from these folks. As it is, this game is one of the hardest ER games out there to find. I recently showed this game at a game collectors meeting and the response from 2600 gamers was pure amazement. If you can find RTI in an auction or from a fellow collector, don't be afraid to shell out your hard earned cash for it, it's worth every penny.

I have not discovered any so far. This game is blasted hard in the upper stages of the game. #@!! Fish Force Fields will challenge the best of game players.

HISTORY: This game is the only known release from VentureVision. The company was apparently formed by ex-Apollo employees. VentureVision originally sponsored a contest for $5000. It is not known if this contest was ever held and who the winner(s) is. An insert came packaged with Rescue Terra I discussing the details of the contest.

Dan Oliver (Rescue Terra I game developer) wrote:

Rescue Terra I is gonna knock your socks off! I've come up with some totally new game concepts that you'll completely enjoy. RTI has multiple screens that require alternating strategies for a successful mission. It's like getting 3 cartridges in one. Your objective is to travel from earth to Terra I. Along the way you will encounter meteors, Space Pirates, Robot Interceptors and Fish Force Fields. Your on board computer continually computes the remaining distance to Terra I.

Although your mission is extremely hazardous, and your probability of success less than nil, the most important aspect I have built into RTI is long lasting fun! Good Luck! (Reprinted from back of the box)

Rescue Terra I Flight Manual:

TERRA I is Earth's main supplier of Zenbar crystals. These crystals supply 70% of Earth's energy. Terra I is managed by a highly sophisticated computer system which controls all planetary electromechanical equipment, including the robot driven defense system.

...Apparently, Terra I's computer system has been sabotaged. All crystal shipments are being turned over to space pirates who operate in Terra I's quadrant of the universe.Terra I's own defense systems are being used to aid these pirates in their activities.

...Your orders are to proceed to Terra I. Destroy all pirates and electromechanical systems which pose a threat to your ship.

You will be assigned the fleets' newest and most sophisticated fighter, the F-711 Starwarrior.This ship is equipped with laser cannons and a computerized navigational system which constantly calculates the distance in light years to your ultimate objective.

Your chances of success are slim but not impossible. Strategic Flight Wing Command estimates that only one pilot in a thousand can reach Terra I. But...you are the best; that's why you were chosen. Good Luck!

Rescue Terra I

(c) Venturevision

Title screen? This is the 2600 man! We don't need no stinkin' title screen.
This is how most of the game is played. Your ship is on the top firing down on the bad guys.
Blasting some rocks.
These would be the #@!! Fish Force Fields in question.
Rescue Terra I
System: 2600
Publisher: Venturevision
Genre: Shooter
Graphics Score: 100%
Sound & Music Score: 60%
Gameplay Score: 100%
Control Score: %

Final Score: 100%

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