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Kung Fu Master - The Atari Times

Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master if you please
by LW Tisler

August 25, 2004
As a martial artist I cant help but remember the hours spent playing Kung Fu Master. This game influenced your author to study the ancient art of a Japanese descendant of the Chinese martial art, Kung Fu. Being able to complete the game with 5 exhausting levels, compared to the 'high score' game play gives a complete sence of worth. Don't get me wrong, high score games are great.

You have a number of attacks, high - low, that are punch - kick and don't forget jump.. Is there a block, I don't recall, anyone unable to take a few shouldn't attempt this game. Move forward, attack, but WATCH YOUR BACK, your enemy have no honour they will sneak up from behind as often as they can.

Snakes, dragons, grey men that fire black darts, purple wearing goons, red pots that fire white projectiles, not to forget the half men or kids or dwarves whatever they are that sometimes jump at you, these are your basic enemies. At the end of each level you face black clothed men that fight with real punches and kicks. Not like those purple goons that get their kicks from standing as close as they can and touching you. Watch out though they zap your energy.

The controls can be a tad annoying as you have to press in the direction of your attack, so don't get sloppy, otherwise your history. Other than that the direction you press, either high, low, or diagonal determine whether its a punch or kick.

A good fighter knows his/her surrounding, not just focusing on the enemy. In this case the levels look very similar maybe changing colours. I'm not too sure I'm not a very good fighter. As you progress through each level you are faced with more challenging enermies.

The sound is something. It seems to have a tune. Atari tunes are unique if you don't like them put a CD on or something, I'm not going to bag it or praise it, even though I know this is a review. Ok its great sound, catchy, enthralling and puts you in the mood to fight.

The game play can be addictive. Having 5 levels to get through and only three lives to achieve it, you must defeat each level and get through it. You get through it once and where does this leave you? Play again to see if you cannot lose a life or on to the next game? This is why it can be addictive. Practice is needed to get through each level without losing a life otherwise you have to start from the start of the level you died in. This can be annoying for a novice.

Kung Fu Master is somewhat of a scarce game to come by these days, but the copies are out there and would make a smashing addition to anyone's collection. Any game that you can beat up 'bad-guys' with your hands and feet gives some satisfaction to a frustrating day at work or school. You're not really hurting anyone so play Kung Fu Master today!

Kung Fu Master

(c) Activision

Is David Carradine in this game?
Taste the wrath of my salty fist!
Three against one. No problem.
Oh, I get it. Throw a knife then run away. Coward!
Kung Fu Master
System: 2600
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Fighting
Graphics Score: 90%
Sound & Music Score: 90%
Gameplay Score: 99%
Control Score: 89%

Final Score: 92%

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