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101 Uses for E.T. - The Atari Times

101 Uses for E.T.

Projects for the most hated of Atari games
by Gregory D. George

July 25, 2003
If you've even been stuck with the 2600 game E.T., here are some ideas for you to get rid of it once and for all!

    Makes a great coaster!
  1. Use as a drink coaster.
  2. Glue to the road as road bumps (for those annoying neighbors who drive past your house at 45 mph!)
  3. Relabel them for business cards (some have done this!)
  4. Make some snow shoes.
  5. Attach to the inside of your car as a sun visor extension.
  6. Burn as kindling.
  7. Use in a skeet shooting match.
  8. Throw away like a ninja star.
  9. Use as a Frisbee.
  10. Glue a bunch together to make boat paddles.
  11. Sell on Ebay as "rare."
  12. Give to your dumb friend as a 5200 game.
  13. Build a mobile for your newborn.
  14. Use as stocking stretchers.
  15. Use as shoulder pads (for those people stuck in the 80's.)
  16. Make a belt buckle.
  17. Grind up as cat litter.
  18. Build a house. (Which could probably be done!)
  19. Frame a bunch together for some wall art Andy Worhol style.
  20. Use for hammering practice.
  21. Mail it back to Steven Spielberg with a nice thank you note.
  22. Give to kids as building blocks.
  23. Sit in subway with the cart in front of you. People will give you money out of pity
  24. Glue several together as a floor mat.
  25. Take out the guts and use as a key hider.
  26. Take out the guts and use as a money clip (great for geeking up a classic gameshow!)
  27. Relabel for protos.
  28. Build blanket or a quilt.
  29. Use as a base for a candle.
  30. Make some ping pong paddles.
  31. Give to dog as a chew toy.
  32. Create some mahjongg tiles.
  33. Use as a test cart.
  34. Glue a bunch to your wall for wallpaper.
  35. Rent out as movie or TV props.
  36. Make a wind chime.
  37. Use as a bulletproof vest (warning: Don't expect it to work!)
  38. Use as a circuit board durability or soldering experiments.
  39. Attach to your car as brake pads.
  40. Wash it and give it to your baby as a toy.
  41. Send into space via the Shuttle.
  42. Put in a time capsule.
  43. Use as an example "how not to make a game" in class about video games.
  44. Show giveaway (they might throw them back!)
  45. Pay someone to take it.
  46. Use as horse blinders.
  47. Use to smooth out your new concrete driveway.
  48. Strap some leather on them and use them as ice skates
  49. String two together to make a bolo weapon.
  50. Drill some holes in it and make a keychain!
  51. Attach to your headphones to make them more "stylish."
  52. Re-heel your shoes.
  53. Glue a bunch together to make a mousepad.
  54. Use as a chopping board.
  55. Attach some string and make a bird swing.
  56. Build a chair.
  57. Create a snowboard.
  58. Tape to enemy's back. Watch as people kick him all day.
  59. Use as shark bait or floating Japanese lanterns.
  60. Make a yo-yo.
  61. Use as a sink stopper.
  62. Give to your hamster as a friend.
  63. Tile bathroom.
  64. Build a dollhouse for your action figures or dolls.
  65. Pave your driveway.
  66. Build a staircase.
  67. Use them to jack up your car.
  68. Use it as bait for a geek trap.
  69. Sell as the "Special Edition" version.
  70. Karate chop it to death.
  71. Make a soundproof wall.
  72. Make bookends.
  73. Freeze in ice for sculpture.
  74. Attach a clip to it, and then attach to your computer monitor. Instant paper holder!
  75. Melt into blob for modern art sculpture.
  76. Skip like a stone.
  77. Mail to Howard Scott Warshaw.
  78. Throw at houses that don't offer candy on Halloween.
  79. Collect them all!
  80. Archery target practice.
  81. Put behind car tires and watch the fun!
  82. Attach a stick and use as a flyswatter.
  83. Build a bed.
  84. Build a birdfeeder.
  85. Use as a temporary boat rudder.
  86. Use as furniture feet. (Or "moving men!")
  87. Make a club for home defense (takes about 40 of them.)
  88. Glue some string to them and make Christmas ornaments.
  89. Use as a paperweight.
  90. Build a birdhouse.
  91. Glue 5 together for a pen box.
  92. Use to edge your flower beds.
  93. Hit them for baseball practice.
  94. Use as a meat tenderizer.
  95. Build a table (to go with your house and chair!)
  96. Give to friend as a gag gift.
  97. Collect and sell 100 of them for a quarter at the used game store.
  98. Use as pet tombstones.
  99. String a bunch together and make vertical blinds.
  100. Crush with a steamroller.
  101. Dump it in a landfill.

Reader Comments for 101 Uses for E.T.

Very good ideas! by Chris Mcdougald on 2007-01-23 09:53:27
I think im gonna go glue 5 and make a pen box lol, Great list very entertaining.
loved it! by aquaria_girl on 2007-09-23 08:39:10
I think I will mail mine back to Howard and say "thanks but no thanks"...
HEY! by A GHOST on 2007-12-20 16:55:16
I took offense to that!
I loved E.T.!
(For Real. SERIOUSLY!!!)
E.T. was one of my favorites and still is.
Oh and, good Atari reference on number 101.
"Dump in landfill".
You think they read it?
LOL by Sonic Maurice Hedgehog on 2007-12-22 09:38:28
I lol'd at number 79
"collect them all!"
Hillarious. Great job man. Girl. Mangirl.
lol by young atari fan on 2008-12-12 21:17:02
You could use it for a Torture!
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