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Profile Atarian: Tony Greenwood - The Atari Times

Profile Atarian: Tony Greenwood

by Tony Greenwood

October 5, 1996
How many of us started out with a Spectrum 128+?, Most I would think, Actually mine was a present for my son, I had to get involved with it in order to be able to get the games to actually run, Then on a boring day while he was at school I tried the built in BASIC programming language, I have never looked back

The need for more power and especially better data access meant an upgrade of hardware, I came very close to buying a Sam Coupe computer that was supposed to be the successor to my beloved Speccy, I have to wonder whether the constant advertising of more powerful computers in all the Spectrum magazines didn't help to its early downfall, the Spectrum had to go, but maybe it was hurried along?

The best computer for me, especially by price, was of course the ATARI, I was instantly amazed at this sudden new power, the speed of loading from a disk drive was incredible compared to the tapes I was used to, The rest of my house was happy at the upgrade because of the superior games we now had access to, and after having my appetite wetted I couldn't wait to try out the First BASIC package that came with it, this wasn't too difficult as I already new the fundamentals, But then I found out the price of upgrading that software in order to make a compiled program and that put the stoppers on it all,

Then came ATARI ST User magazine with a free copy of STOS BASIC, Wow! This was good, less than a year later I had placed an advert in this same magazine for like minded STOS user contacts, I received a very lot of replies, that was about 3 years ago, I came up with the idea to starta Diskmagazine for STOS users, I made the very first issue by March 1993,Unbelievably it got stronger, attracted more people and lasted a lot longer than expected, 26 issues of STOSSER diskzine and another one is being produced and STOSSER may well go on forever,

It was apparent that programs released by a software name where better received than those released by someone's name, eg "Released by SEGA" looks better than "Released by Joe Bloggs" therefore STOSSER software was born, choosing that name as it was already well known through the Diskzine and it was mine to use,

I will always have my ATARI no matter what happens, and as long as I can then I will try to produce some decent software with it.

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