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Digital Antic Project - The Atari Times

Digital Antic Project

Now read every copy of the classic magazine online
by Kevin Savetz

October 3, 1996
This was the first Antic I ever bought! -- Greg I am happy to announce the launch of the Digital Antic Project. Antic magazine was the premiere magazine devoted to 8-bit Atari computers. Antic, like the 8-bit Atari, has been forgotten by all but a small minority.

The Digital Antic Project is a small crusade to put all of the old issues of Antic (and eventually its sister magazine, STart) on the Internet. I have received permission from the publisher of Antic to make the material available on the Internet for free.

The site features the complete text of the early issues, as well as cover art and memorable ads from the magazine. More material will be added as time permits -- faster if YOU volunteer to help by scanning, HTMLizing, or proofreading.

The site is at http://www.atarimagazines.com/

Your comments, suggestions and help are welcome!

(Editor's note: The DAP was completed in 2000 and continues to add more Atari books and magazines today.)

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