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Profile Atarian: 'Learned' Robb Hitchen - The Atari Times

Profile Atarian: 'Learned' Robb Hitchen

Converted Commodore Fan
by Robb Hitchen

September 14, 2002
Well, Atari and me go back along way. Back to the early to mid 1980s in fact. Back in about 1985/6 I got my first computer. It was a Commodore C16. I'll admit it was (and still is) The Coolest Xmas present I ever received, given that I never asked for a computer. Even so, within 1 month of getting my C16, I was hooked on something else. My best friends 2600 to be exact. Despite superior options being available (ZX Spectrum 48, C64, hell my C16 was more powerful) I was addicted. me and my best friend Gary spent many hours playing classics such as River Raid, Empire Strikes Back and Breakout.

Ah! Those were the days. Back then the criteria for a kick ass gaming experience were simple: Did it play well. Graphics? Well, each system was pretty much pushed to the limits on a regular basis back then (or so it seemed to an 8 year old boy). Nope, it was the game that mattered.

Still, I never bought my own. Couldn't afford one, see. By time my folks got me a new games machine (A Spectrum 128k +2A in 1989, and a Sega Master System in 1990) , the trusty 2600 was relegated to the attic. My run in with Atari wasn't over though. In 1990, my friend became the coolest kid in town when he got a Lynx for Xmas. Again, me and Gary wasted many precious hours playing on the Lynx, especially California Games. Dammit, no handheld game has got me like that since. I loved that game. But still I didn't buy one.

As the 1990s progressed, I purchased other systems (Game Boy, Megadrive, PC), but an Atari system was conspicuous by it's absence. I had a close call on a Jaguar in the mid 90s, but losing my after school job put paid to that. Then, in July 2001 something weird happened. I was in my local Electronic Boutique, and there it was, A boxed Atari Jag, for 10 pounds! Whoa momma. Needless to say a Jag and a copy of Doom were purchased forthwith. Now my quest has begun, Eventually ALL the Atari system will be mine, and I will truly be an Atarian.

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