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Super Burnout - The Atari Times

Super Burnout

Do you feel the need for speed?
by Andy Robertson

August 7, 1996
Having been a huge fan of Super-Hang On on the ST I was very interested to see how Super BurnOut would compare to its illustrious predecessor.

The game itself is a well-crafted behind-the- motorcycle racer with several tracks, good graphics and plenty of options, but that's about it.

There are four modes of play: Championship, Record, Trainer and Versus. Championship is a race against the computer over all the tracks; Record is a race against a time limit; Trainer lets you test-drive and get familiar with the tracks; and Versus allows you to race in a two-player split-screen game. You can also determine transmission type and how tough your computer opponents will be.

However, Super BurnOut's strongest point is the speed of the graphics. The game has super fast scaling which is incredibly smooth across the varying roller-coaster type landscapes, with some races set during the day and others taking place at night. Although all this speed does not make up for the fact that the graphics look a little basic. At points in the race the objects at the side of the track appear all blocky when you get too near. If a little more effort had went into the in-game graphics then it would have done so much more for the game and make it look more pleasing.

The visuals run into problems in the Versus mode. Here things get a little tight: Your racer is the same size as in the one-player modes, but appears on half the screen. This can make it difficult sometimes to see the road ahead and can have you reaching for the off button out of pure frustration. Although, having said this, the game does come into its own with two players hurtling their bikes around the different circuits and seeing each other crash into things.

Audio-wise, the voices are clear and intelligible with the skidding and motor revving which is prevalent in most racers. The control system is accurate and is blessed with a configure option - a life saver when you choose the manual transmission.

Overall, Super BurnOut provides the elements for a solid racing title. It's fast, fun and addictive. All it lacks is that spark of originality that would boost it to the front of the pack.

This is the most exciting title screen I have ever seen.
Doesn't the road look spectacular?
I didn't think this many people would show up for a race like this.
Super Burnout
System: Jaguar
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Driving
Graphics Score: 82%
Sound & Music Score: 73%
Gameplay Score: 84%
Control Score: %

Final Score: 81%

Reader Comments for Super Burnout

Simple Racer's Paradise.... by Guitarman on 2007-04-26 03:04:10
As far as simple racers go, this one definetely takes the cake and runs off with it! True, the graphics are simple but everything else is top notch. The controls are simple and responsive but also allow precision turning and maneuverability. The music is a nice touch to the scenery that flies by at breakneck speeds. I'm very satisfied with this one!
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