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Top Ten Advantages of Owning an ST - The Atari Times

Top Ten Advantages of Owning an ST

...computer over a PC
by Gregory D. George

August 5, 1996

10. The Atari mouse is telepathically controlled.
9. An 8mhz 68000 will always be 20 times faster than the fastest Intel chip.
8. They will gladly fetch your slippers for you after a hard day's work.
7. Atari's can display 32,000 colors out of 4,096 total colors. (Really!) Would a PC ever go beyond it's own capabilities?
6. The can run DOS, Unix, and Windoze better than the real thing!
5. They most certainly NEVER crash.
4. Atarians never have to worry about patching their software. (It was always perfect to begin with.)
3. STs make great guard dogs.
2. They have better sound than a stock PC.
1. Atari's have no problem with Windows!

Reader Comments for Top Ten Advantages of Owning an ST

You forgot virus Free!! by Pete5125 on 2008-09-07 21:37:12
Hey Apple gets to claim it w/the Mac...but I have never talked to anyone that said their Atari computer has been affected by a virus so it won't work....no virus's, no problems.
by on 2014-05-11 08:28:34

Atarists, surely?
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