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Infiltrate - The Atari Times


Do I feel like a spy? Hardly.
by Jess LaFleur

December 5, 2001
You are a secret agent on a crucially important mission to infiltrate a top secret fortress. You must capture enemy documents and get out alive. Your challenge: the diabolical maze of corridors and elevators designed to confuse you and keep you from the documents. Your danger: enemy assassins programmed to shoot on sight. Your weapon: a high-power laser gun as powerful as that of the enemy. Your advantage: you're sharp enough to duck when they shoot. It's a hectic chase. Hop an elevator. Survive enemy fire. Fire back. Duck. Infiltrate...if you dare!

I bought this game just because I didn't already own it. It's quite a colorful game and the art on the cart is rather neat. I couldn't find out very much about this game like the programmers name. But perhaps he'd rather remain anonymous...

Like I said, colourful very colourful. But in the graphics department is about all it has going for it. The graphics are somewhat blockish and some things just don't make sense. The "Assassins" (which Ill explain later) look like little monsters. The Secret Agent (you) wears a hat. Why would you wear a hat? The elevators that move up and down to take you around the game screen change colours and look more like lifts than elevators.

The game is rather simple and it can be fun. The idea of the game is that you take the secret documents from the top and move back to the bottom floor to start again. The Assassins are your enemies, they die with a single shot and will shoot you on sight. While you are playing the game, the Assassins will be looking for you, when they do you will get shot at. A large factor is the elevators. They can take a long time to reach the level you want. One of the hardest parts of the game is just getting to the elevator on time. But watch it!!! the Assassins can use the elevators too! This game has a lot of replay value.

Music and Sound
Pretty good sound, nothing too loud or annoying. The gun shots are almost the only sound you hear but are not just a plain beep. They are not annoying, so you won't have to turn down the volume to get that replay idea of mine to stick in your head.

This is one of the most hardest parts of the entire game. No, it's not hard to move, but it is a problem to get on the elevators in time! The basic movements are as follows, Left and Right for movement and Fire button to shoot your laser pistol weapon. The Elevator getting on/off action should be timed as it is all too easy to miss your chance, and missing that chance, well, give the Assassins a chance to go and get you for an easy shot.

This is a fun and challenging game. But it's poor graphics may not cut it with some people and may just as easy toss this game away to someone. But if you like spy movies, or pretending to be a secret agent, Infiltrate is a half decent game to try to get your mind off of breaking the law with your "spying" abilities.


(c) Apollo

This game is not at all what I expected.
This game reminds me a lot of Elevator Action in reverse.
"Die Sucka!"
System: 2600
Publisher: Apollo
Genre: Action
Graphics Score: 50%
Sound & Music Score: 60%
Gameplay Score: 87%
Control Score: 70%

Final Score: 77%

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