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Wolf 3D Demo - The Atari Times

Wolf 3D Demo

...or will this turn into an RPG?
by Gregory D. George

July 12, 2001
Rumored for years was a possible conversion of the popular computer game, Wolfenstein 3D for the Lynx. Many said that smooth 3D on the Lynx could not be done while others have tried to prove them wrong. Lucien Kleijkers is one of those people attempting to do just that.

Luc originally released his 3D demo to alt.games.lynx on July 6, 2001. Now, you can see if this engine has any potential. You can download the latest demo and see for yourself.

The older demos don't have anything to pick up (like guns or health or keycards) nor does it have any monsters to shoot. However, there is a green guy randomly moving around in the dungeon.

About the most recent (Dec. 2004) demo, Luc writes: "You can open the door if you find the red key (functional). There are no sound effects/explosions but the green/red can is supposed to be one. Pressing opt1 will switch resolutions. This was to compare game speed and quality. The lower res is definitely faster and still acceptable. Opt2 will cycle inventory. A is use item or check."

The speed is slower than Jaguar Wolf 3D, but you can increase the speed by pressing the B button. You can open doors by walking up to them and pressing the A button.

Maybe this demo can be turned into a full game and enjoyed by Lynx fans! Hopefully soon! Keep checking TAT for further updates.

You're not alone! A green man is strolling around the dungeon!
Some columns in the middle of the room.
Here is one of the doors. They open leading you to new areas.

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