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Rayman - The Atari Times


The Jaguar finally gets a worthy platformer
by Andy Robertson

July 2, 1996
Help is at hand in the form of a strange character with no arms or legs! He's the star of what is that rarest of things, a GOOD Jag game. Yes, you heard me right, Rayman on the Jaguar is GOOD - not average or weak or pathetic or even second rate but really, really GOOD.

It's one of those classic 'cute' games but has all the elements of a great game: Firstly, it's playable. It has the usual platform affair with lots of jumping, climbing, crouching and walking as you set on your travels about the different levels. When you first pick the game up, not only will you have an instant idea of what to do as you jump about, but you'll also gain up other abilities as you go along. As you finish certain sections, you are rewarded with new skills and powers to help you on your way like punching, hanging and flying.

The second thing is that it's tough. Sure, you can whizz through the early levels, but to finish the game you'll have to return and find all the items you couldn't reach without all your special abilities. For example, picking up the ability to punch will allow Rayman not only to punch away the baddies but to also punch down berries and use them to float about on otherwise fatal water, enabling you to reach power-ups and the numerous hidden bonus levels. Some of the set pieces in Rayman are brilliant, like the swamp stage where you have to grow your own platforms as you go to escape the rising water level. There's a lot more in this game than you'll see at first glance with swinging pendulums, floating platforms and all sorts of strange creatures to thump or befriend.

Lastly, the graphics and sounds have been beautifully engineered with some great themed levels full of soothing colour and animation. All the graphics have been done using 65,000 colors and look excellent, the scrolling is of the smoothest quality and the control system feels exactly right and needs very little to get use to.

It's this attention to detail on both characters and scenery that gives Rayman its charmingly odd looks. What's even better is that some of this attention has been spent on making the gameplay a little more intelligent than your average platformer's.

The Jaguar is crying out for games of this quality and everyone needs games that set such high standards. A must buy.

The armless and legless hero proves he's the best platformer on the Jag.
Here is the objects you are seeking. Free your friends from the cages!
Rayman even has side-shooter levels!
And then some really odd themed levels like this music one.
System: Jaguar
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Platformer
Graphics Score: 92%
Sound & Music Score: 82%
Gameplay Score: 91%
Control Score: %

Final Score: 92%

Reader Comments for Rayman

Great but HARD! by Gregory D. George on 2006-10-02 23:26:50
This is a really good and fun game, but man is it hard! I got pretty far into it before it gave up because I couldn't get all the tings. Of course, Rayman is long past his first adventure...
testing by testing on 2006-12-01 21:00:39
Hey, whoever there. I want to have a full version of this download for free.... I can help u with the cheats though... Thank You
Agree with Greg... by LS650 on 2006-12-02 12:25:17
Rayman is a really beautiful-looking game for the Jaguar. The developers did a great job. I don't like most Mario-style jump-and-bop platformers, but Rayman's a stand-out for this genre.
rayman by sarah princess on 2007-05-24 05:59:33
i love rayman loads, i am trying to compleate all of it without no cheats.
can you tell me who created it and get more websites on it please


sarah x
cheets by DRAGON PRINCESS on 2007-05-24 08:09:05
please can you give me some cheets on rayman??????

Completion of Rayman by Supramence on 2007-07-28 09:34:26
Ha! I beat all the levels, found all the cages and defeated Mr. Dark! A must-have game for hardcore gamers! Get yours today!
The Colors man, the Colors!!! by Guitarman on 2008-04-10 22:24:03
This version of Rayman just blows me away. The Jag version totally blows the PC port out of the water completely. I have nothing but love for this title and the challenge of it keeps the game exciting. The colors on this cart are so vibrant and are definetely very pleasing to the eyes. Let us toast to a milestone in 2d platformers!
The Best by Fsporsche on 2008-10-01 09:37:44
This game has the best graphics and sound compared to all the other systems including Playstation......The controls are perfect, the animation/graphics are top notch. This game really shows what the jaguar's power can do......Not even a second thought just get it.
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