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Lynx Guidebook Needs You - The Atari Times

Lynx Guidebook Needs You

Submit some stuff for the upcoming book
by Gregory D. George

June 9, 2001
November, 2004 - Update!
Time to get back to work on this project! I'm no longer using MS Word to create my books, instead opting for the program Publish It.

December, 2002 - Update!
Interest in this project is nil. I guess no one but me cares about the Lynx. :-(

August 24, 2001 - Update!
Added the actual cover to this page! 

July 12, 2001 - Update!
Get the latest version of sample.pdf and tell me what you think!

The Project
I can't recall ever seeing a print magazine or book devoted just for the wonderful Atari Lynx. We are constantly being barraged with gamer guides and review books for other, less sophisticated, (yet well marketed) game systems such as the Nintendo Game Boy. This will change.

If there is one reason why this has not been successfully accomplished and completed to this day, it is because of the difficulty of pulling off such a massive project alone. Generally, only one person sweats and slaves to create a masterpiece such as this. This time, it needs to be a GROUP project.

To complete this project, I will need your help. Together, we can create a professional quality book supporting the Lynx. However, it will need Reviews and game Guides written by YOU!

What It Will Look Like
These pictures to the right is how the cover of the book and inside of the book will look. Each game will have it's own page with reviews (in green) cheats (in red) and strategies (in blue.) Also, do not expect a black and white book, I only want to do this in color!

The Reviews
The review format will be like EGM's review crew. Each game needs a total of two or three unique and short reviews. This will give the reader multiple opinions on the game as a single reviewer may be biased in either a negative or positive way. Multiple reviews alleviates this problem allowing for a more accurate rating for each game.

Do you already have review on your website? Great! Pare the review down to a few key sentences and include a percentage (out of 100%) along with it.

The Guides
Guides are completely open in terms of how to be written. How do you beat Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? What are the tricks to playing Blue Lightning? What is the easiest way to get through Batman Returns? Even if you already have a guide on your website, submit it!

Codes and cheats will already be included in the book, so there is no need to submit them.

Are you an Atari retailer or know of one who would be interested in purchasing an advertisement in the book? If so, please contact me and let me know you are interested. I have yet to officially determine a price for advertising. Atari related ads only, please.

Pricing & Printing
At this point, I'm simply concerned with getting it created. I will focus on the printing and the cost after the primary work has been completed. The more advertisements we get (see above) the cheaper the book will eventually be.

You can help out even if you are not interested in submitting a Review or a Guide. Does this book sound like something you would like to purchase? If so, email me and tell me how much would be a good price. Consider this as a way for me to determine how many I should print when the time arises.

Why Should You Care?
As an aspiring writer, I know that exposure is the key to getting a job. The more people know of your work, the better chance you have of being noticed. Who knows? You may end up writing for a big-time publication!

Also, I'll be offering $.50 for each Review, and $2-4 (depending on size) for each Guide that I choose to use in the book. It's not a lot, but remember: It's exposure and notoriety that will be the true reward for this project.

Don't be afraid to submit shortened versions of Reviews or full Guides you already have on your website. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Final Words
Together, we can create a masterpiece. Let's give back to the Atari community which has given us so much in return. Submit something for the Lynx Book today! 

Here is how the cover would have looked if anyone had an iota of interest in this.
This is an early screen of the insides. I've since changed the color scheme a bit.

Reader Comments for Lynx Guidebook Needs You

Lynx Guidebook by atarilynxfan on 2006-11-13 15:17:34
Any updates on progress?
Nope by Gregory D. George on 2006-11-13 15:21:31
Haven't worked on it in ages. I suppose if I do get back to it, I'll put it on Cafepress.com like I did with my other Atari books.
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