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EGM Remembers the 7800 - The Atari Times

EGM Remembers the 7800

Dusty 7800 appears in mainstream mag
by Gregory D. George

May 31, 2001
The June 2001 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has a nice article about the 7800 on page 40. It's a fairly accurate summary on the history of the 7800. It should be, as they used Leonard Herman's "Phoenix" for the information. Finally, EGM does something right!

Although, I'm curious... Just who's 7800 is pictured? Yes, it's a crummy scan, but even through it, you can see the scratches all over the silver bar and the dirt accumulation on the buttons. What'd they do? Bury it in the sand before taking this photo? Jeesh.

Reader Comments for EGM Remembers the 7800

Hey where is the article by Pete on 2006-11-15 18:28:18
Would love to read what EGM had to say about the 7800. I'm sure it went we love Nintendo and this aint Nintendo so I hate it.
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