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There's More Gore With Ultravore - The Atari Times

There's More Gore With Ultravore

Upcoming Lynx fighter takes shape
by Gregory D. George

May 24, 2001
The Lynx never really had a good fighting game, even though they were a prominent genre in video games. Beyond Games, who wrote Ultra Vortek for the Jaguar were also working on this game for the Lynx. But, as fate would have it, Atari pulled the plug and Ultra Vortek for the Lynx would never be.

But that's not the end of the story. Enter Songbird Productions, who's been huge in supporting the Lynx and the Jaguar. The code and materials for this game were licensed and will be available when the code and graphics are polished and completed. Harry Dodgson, renowned Lynx programmer of Lynx Othello is currently working on Ultravore.

Here are two of the latest screenshots from the game which is slated for release sometime in the near future.

What you can't see in the shots is the new AI that has been implemented. It's in it's early state right now and will certainly be improved as development continues. Watch out for Ultravore!

Maybe the Lynx will get a fighting game!
"Hey hey hey! Watch where you're stickin' that thing!" The tail-whip special move was newly added.
The most notable difference between these shots and the old ones are the life meters. Also note the timer has been added.

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