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Distant Lands Preview - The Atari Times

Distant Lands Preview

Will the Lynx finally get a true RPG?
by Gregory D. George

May 9, 2001
Thanks again go to Songbird Productions and Chris Vick for working on something Lynx gamers have been screaming for: A Role Playing Game!

Distant Lands will be the first true RPG on the Lynx. Considering how Towers II was the first RPG on the Jaguar, I'm guessing that Atari didn't really believe RPGs would sell on their systems. Well, now is your chance to prove Atari wrong, once and for all!

This epic fantasy quest casts you as the heroic adventurer commissioned to save a kingdom from destruction. You will meet fascinating characters and battle terrible monsters in real time and collect weapons and riches on your journey.

These most recent screenshots, provided by Songbird, showcase some of the latest development in this game. The first shot gives you a taste of how conversations will be conducted. No doubt, there will be more than just the Yes or No answers when meeting other characters. I'm eager to see what predicaments the character can get into by choosing the wrong reply!

The second screen shot shows a display of your inventory. This player has just selected the diamond. What will they be doing with that diamond is anyone's guess. Trade it for a new broadsword perhaps? In all of the screen shots you will also notice the health meter on the left and the "SEE" and "SPEAK" icons just below.

The last shot is an example of how the character interacts with the environment. Notice how he is partially obscured by the structure? Some great coding work has gone into this game and it will no doubt be a very polished effort for the Lynx.

If you're a Lynx gamer who always wanted a copy of Guardians: Storm Over Doria, you may want to consider picking up Distant Lands when it is finally released. It's looking more and more like a must-have game for the Lynx.

Distant Lands was originally slated for a Summer 2001 release. However, as this date has come and gone, we're still looking for this game on the horizon.

One of these years this game will come out.
"No! I wish to go with you to Mos Eisley!"
Here is the inventory. It looks like there is quite a variety of items to pick up.
This is why so many older RPGs are top down only. It's not easy to mask off a character like this!

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