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Lost Games: Thea Realm Fighters - The Atari Times

Lost Games: Thea Realm Fighters

We've unearthed another lost Jag title
by Gregory D. George

May 9, 2001
Taking a cue from Mortal Kombat, Atari hoped to score big with this fighting game. Featuring the same actors from Mortal Kombat, Thea Realm Fighters included digitized fighters is lush locales. The game was never released, probably for the better, as the character animation from the video I've seen was very choppy.

Once unique thing I've noticed from these screenshots are the jagged edges. You'll see them on the lower two pictures. I don't know if that was a flaw in the game, or the video capture, but it would have made this game slightly more artistic than its counterparts.

These photos are courtesy of Songbird Productions. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

This looks to be the title screen. Not very descriptive, huh? The versus screen. Looks like Lui Kang has been renamed, Prince Pak.
Now this picture grabbed me right away. Recognize the person on the mural? What an ego! The background graphics are beautiful. The aura around Tok is definitely inspired by Mortal Kombat.

Why would Atari not realease this game?? by Pete on 2007-02-20 23:25:36
They were choosing between this a 2-D fighting game that the system was made for or Fight For Life (Atari's crapy answer to Virtua Fighter). I say this only looking at screen shots for all I know the game is probably slow and slugish like Kasaumi Ninja. If this would of made it out in time it could of gave Atari another 1/2 yrs life or so.....You have to remeber at that time Mortal Kombat and its cloans were king
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