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Lynx AvP ROM now available! - The Atari Times

Lynx AvP ROM now available!

Download it now!
by Gregory D. George

April 19, 2001
Posted by Neo-Link to the news groups, Alien vs. Predator is a never before released game for the Lynx! Now you can add it to your collection of Lynx games that never were.

This demo allows you to walk around in a spooky maze and shoot aliens. But really all you see are other marines hunting aliens. Avoid that crossfire boys! It certainly has some nice graphics, and would have complemented the Jaguar game nicely.

It's a prototype, so don't expect too much.

Download the file now.

Other Images:The Predators Mission

Wow. If only this game had made it!
On this screen you can choose the map or your weapon. Let's see how the flame thrower looks...
You can shoot, but I think these marines are using blanks.
Mmm... Tasty! All the marines look like Vasquez from ALIENS.

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