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ST/TT/Falcon Newsline - The Atari Times

ST/TT/Falcon Newsline

Just a few tidbits
by Andy Robertson

June 5, 1996
Battle Bowls is based around the coin-op, Puzzle Bobble and features 100 levels and over 2 Mbytes of sound and graphics but at present it is only available in France.

A new 3D shoot-em-up is being coded by Top-Byte in the U.K. Untitled as yet, it features you controlling a tank or plane around a blindingly fast 3D environment.

All three superb Ishar RPG games have been put in 1 box by 16/32 Systems in the U.K. You can get more info on The Ishar Trilogy by phoning 01634 710788 if you're in the U.K.

Bad Mood, the Doom WAD viewer for the Falcon, has now reached version 2.05. It can display all the textures properly and runs slightly quicker.

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