H.A.A.G. 2006 Photo Gallery

Whoa, I went for a spiffy night shot this time around! But how come it doesn't say "arcade expo" like it did last year?

Albert Yarusso of Atari Age (sporting a H. A. A. G. 2004 shirt) and his friend Mary.

The Atari fantasy-themed platformer Arabian.

This fellow here (who wished not to be identified) had a great collection of arcade flyers up for sale from his years of working at various arcades.

Uh, you know, with this machine being at H. A. A. G. for three years in a ROW, isn't it about time I got a photo of it? Duh! (bonks head)

Every year, three years in a row, there's ALWAYS a guy with an Atari shirt on! Here, Lewis Meneses is in good company with several Atari classics.

Not only is it cool to get part of the screen action onto a photo, but it's even better PLAY this rare game, since it wasn't working last year!

Dusty and not running (in Captain Kirk from Star Trek mode: noooooooooooo!). But it was working the next day, thank goodness! "Ah-lert! Ah-lert!"

I won one of the many door prizes (again), this one being a live recording of many country artists at a show in Fort Worth.

Sponsor Karl Kuhlenschmidt of Third Dimension Graphics (thanks for supporting the show!!), wearing a great Donkey Kong shirt, stands in front of MKII.

Thanks to this guy who let me (yeah, right!) get a shot of the back of this year's H. A. A.G. shirt, this is a cool design.

Bad flash? Nope, that's how the screen looked, since the game froze up! Ms. Pac-Man still seems to be working though...

This rare tabletop Joust pinball game has always proved to be a hit.

Lewis Daubin of New Orleans displays his Stern t-shirt, THE last manufacturer (I think) trying to keep pinball alive...

Wow! One of the very old (1930s!) games that combined pachinko with baseball, Major League scored a hit with many people at the expo.

What the heck? Atari's Liberator didn't have a title screen like this! Nope, that's the game select screen from a Multicade-type machine!

I could NOT miss the chance of a photo op like this! Kris Kelley, in a Nintendo shirt, stands at Atari's Star Wars. Bah ha ha ha!

If you can imagine a 60's mechanical video game combined with...uh, a popup book, then that's what you have here! (sorta)

Tales of the Arabian Nights (right) and Doctor Who, played by a guy wearing...a beanie? (Guess I should have asked what that was all about.)

Wow, THE original Pong! (I purposely didn't crop this photo to show how small it was, since people were literally on their knees playing the thing!)

Posing in front of Robotron (and wearing this year's H. A. A. G. shirt), Matt Buchholz said "NOT Kangaroo!" when choosing a game to be photoed with.

Shot of an SNK demo cab. It saw lots of play over the weekend!

Can't say I've played a game of Star Castle since the 80s...but thank God for expos like this, now I can!

Ahhhh, remember the days when Atari had the Star Trek license? Oh yeah, me neither!

Wow, I'd never seen the tabletop version of this game before!

Awards for multiple gaming championships throughout the expo. Can't say any of them had my name on them though!